2016 - 2017



Activity Brief outline of initiative

PP funding

Impact on PP pupils by the end of the academic year (2016/17)
CPD for all teaching staff  

Visible Learning training programme for all staff, including ‘know thy impact’, improving learning intentions and success criteria, the quality of assessments and feedback.


Increase in PP pupils choosing EBacc at GCSE (up from 19% in 2016 to 40% in 2017)PP pupils achieving Ebacc up from 12% in 2016 to 17% in 2017)

PP pupils achieving English and maths strong pass 33.3% (2017)

50% PP pupils achieved a GCSE in Science (C+)

Specialist teaching  

To ensure all core subjects are delivered to PP pupils by specialist subject teachers.


Increase in PP pupils choosing EBacc at GCSE (up from 19% in 2016 to 40% in 2017)

PP pupils achieving Ebacc up from 12% in 2016 to 17% in 2017)

PP pupils achieving English and maths strong pass 33.3% (2017)

50% PP pupils achieved a GCSE in Science (C+)


Learning Mentors Learning Mentors are based in the school’s Learning Centre and Nurture room. Although the research suggests no impact, this is based on teaching assistants who work for the students instead of with them.  There is a particular focus for all learning mentors to develop an independence for students rather than a dependence on the learning mentor.


Reduced persistent absence in Year 9 and Year 10Reduced behaviour concerns

Increase in some performance areas (see above)

Extra- curricular menu of opportunity development The goals, objectives and approaches of the extra- curricular opportunities vary greatly; some have an academic focus whilst others are aimed at raising aspirations, improving engagement of students and simply enriching students’ experiences. Research indicates that participants in after school programmes score higher on measures of academic achievement. In the UK there is evidence that such programmes are linked with GCSE improvement by a third of a level in maths and three-quarters of a level in science. There is evidence that there are wider benefits for low-income students in terms of behaviour and relationships with peers.
Passport to Success – Equipment referrals, resources, books etc. Providing necessary equipment, uniform etc. to PP students to ensure that they overcome barriers to learning.  83 PUPILS X £80.00


Removal of barriers and an opportunity for 1-1 interview and progress tracking will ensure more accurate needs assessments and greater engagement of PP and Ever 6 PP students raising attainment and narrowing the gap.
Pupil Premium salary contribution Keen focus on narrowing the gap work as AG responsible for this area. The role incorporates all narrowing the gap work along with managing the pupil premium budget.


Efficient spending of the PP grant as it is very closely monitored and evaluated.  PP attainment gap closed and achievement gaps narrowed.
Assertive attendance work JR pays close attention to the attendance of PP students.  JR/FSSC to call families that have low attendance.  This is a pro-active strategy to tackle poor attendance.


Improved attendance for targeted students. Reduced persistent absence in Year 9 and Year 10 
Catering support for PP students Monday to Thursday – breakfast pass for PP students.


Breakfast club will provides three levels of basic need; food, shelter and security.  This in turn will aid student’s engagement in school and raise self-esteem.  Improved selfesteem will lead to improved attainment.
Behaviour Interventions Family and Student Services Centre provides an outstanding resource for students to help with behavioural and emotional needs. (Now replaced by ‘the hub’).


Reducing challenging behaviour at WHS has a positive impact upon all learners at the school.
Inclusion room provision The inclusion room aims to improve targeted students’ motivation and attainment.  The programmes run by the team provide opportunities for students to achieve their potential academically, spiritually, socially, morally and culturally.  Students will work on programmes that enable them to deal with their barriers to learning and to successfully reintegrate with mainstream education.


Provision of a calm and safe facility before school, and during break and lunchtimes.
Raising aspirations work Activities involve students accessing different motivational speakers and/or workshops. Targeted groups of students will be given opportunities that suit their particular needs all with the aim of raising aspirations. Students to visit universities on a rolling rota and attending Careers Day in July.


All PP pupils attended the careers’ event in July.
Parents engagement in meetings and information evenings CC has made contact with all parents who do not attend information evenings at the school.  Registers are taken at each event to monitor the support that is displayed for each student.


Engagement of parents to lead to improved student engagement therefore improved attendance, behaviour and progress
Together with parents This initiative aims to engage parents in helping their child to improve their maths, English and science outcomes.  This year the project will include students in years  9, 10 and 11.  Specific targets this year are students in groups within PP who are underperforming i.e. WIN boys in particular.


Improved parental engagement which in turn will lead to improved student engagement.  Improved attendance reduced poor behaviour and this in turn should narrow the attainment gap.
1-1 Tutoring Maths KS3 and KS4 students are removed from their tutor group and given intensive tuition for short, regular sessions .  KS4 students are also receiving their tutoring after school hours.


PP pupils achieved a positive progress score in maths (0.1)
Access arrangement support. Funding is used to ensure that equipment, resources and staff are available to support with examinations and examination preparation lessons. CC is trained and able to check for access arrangements.


PP pupils all had full entitlements to exam access arrangements.
Homework Study Packs are provided for all students that require them to work on a seriesof homework activities that fall in line with the scheme of work that is followed in



Enables PP pupils to access information required to complete homework.
Mastery Learning Each subject throughout each half term sets Key Assessments.  Students who do not hit their target level are made to attempt a further task until they meet their target grade and are ready to move on.


Evidence suggests that lower attaining students will gain more from this strategy than more able students. This initiative is therefore a promising strategy for narrowing the gap.
Discount on School Trips PP pupils are entitled to a percentage discount on trips for travel costs etc. 83 PUPILS X £10 PER PUPIL


Improved Attendance, Engagement and Attainment
Educational Materials Contribution to Y9 D & T materials.15 PUPILS X £10 EACH


Improved access to curriculum.
Educational Materials Cost of any ad-hoc additional equipment/materials/books needed for PP pupils – This will be authorised by AG and monitored by JLM


Improved Attendance, Engagement and Attainment
Revision Guides and Workbooks (KS4) Revision books available for y10 & y11 60 PUPILS X £12.00 (£4.00 FOREACH OF ENGLISH, MATHS & SCIENCE)


Improved Attainment
                                     TOTAL PUPIL PREMIUM BUDGET 2016/2017              £80,410