2017 - 2018


2017-2018 Pupil Premium Spending Analysis

Total:  £

Activity Brief Outline Funding Impact
Training for all teaching staff Visible Learning Training programme for all teaching staff, including formative assessment and feedback. £2,500 PP results up significantly across all key indicators, including English, Maths, the Sciences and the EBACC. 78% achieved a 4+ in English and maths compared with 82% for all pupils. 
Specialist teaching To ensure all core subjects are delivered by specialist subject teachers.  £10,000 EBACC participation up and achievement up. Strength in depth.
The Hub This facility provides the support necessary to enable pupils to access learning.  It acts as the link between stakeholders and external agencies.  £40,000 PP pupils attended every one of their external GCSE exams last summer.
Attendance Attendance officer taking pro-active role in challenging absence of PP.  AttendEDC employed from Easter. £5,000 Levels of attendance improved although the percentage rate of persistent absence remains too high. 
Resources Provision of equipment, resources and revision guides. Discount on school trips.  £10,000 Helped support the improvement in attainment.
Revision school May Half term revision school with transport. £2,500 Helped support the improvement in attainment.