2018-19 Strategy & Plan

Pupil premium strategy statement

September 2018

Summary Information:

Number of pupils eligible for PP in the 2017/18 Y11 cohort:  18

2017/18 Results

  PP pupils All pupils
% achieving English & Maths 4+ 78% 82%
% achieving English 4+ 85% 91%
% achieving Maths 4+ 80% 85%
% achieving 2 Science 4+ 65% 77%
% achieving History or Geography 4+ 71% 76%
% achieving a Language 58% 55%
Attainment 8 average grade 46.00 52.39
Progress 8 0.21 0.74
Progress in English 0.98 1.02
Progress in Maths -0.16 0.8
Progress in Science 0.59 0.95
Progress in Humanities -0.44 -0.30
Progress in Languages 0.35 0.89
% entered for 3 Sciences 32% 38%
% entered for EBACC 53% 63%


Planned Expenditure 2018/19

  1. 1.    Quality Teaching, Learning and Assessment for all
Desired outcome Chosen approach Rationale Staff lead Review
Appropriate challenge and feedback that is ‘received’ in every class. Visible Learning training and development. Evidence based approach with a key focus on ‘know thy impact’. Incisive formative assessment enables ‘just in time’ feedback. JL First review: November 2018


  1. 2.    Attendance
Desired outcome Chosen approach Rationale Staff lead Review
PP attendance to be in line with that of all pupils and above NA. House targets and actions for those above 90%.  SLT work with Attend EDC to reduce PA. Attend EDC bring capacity, a professional knowledge and a clarity of purpose to tackling the protracted low attendance of some PP pupils. Clear processes for tackling the early signs of disengaging will ensure that overall attendance figures are high and that PA is further reduced. SMC Monitored weekly by SLT


  1. 3.    Inclusion / support
Desired outcome Chosen approach Rationale Staff lead Review
A number of PP pupils need personalised support to enable them to make the most of the learning opportunities available. Development of ‘The Hub’ – our one stop shop for a whole range of support services. The Hub provides the key link between the different stakeholders – external agencies, the School Inclusion Group, parents, pupils and staff. By adopting a holistic approach it is best place to tailor provision according to need and to evaluate the impact of interventions. CMB First review:November 2018


  1. 4.    Development of the South Staffs Prototype for SEND and Inclusion
Desired outcome Chosen approach Rationale Staff lead Review
Effective external support once the school exhausts its strategies. Active involvement of Headteacher in the development of the South Staffs SEND / Inclusion prototype and the local By bringing expertise from the centre into our locality we anticipate better advice and guidance, quicker referrals and more targeted responses. PT Monitored termly by the Trust.


  1. 5.    PP Progress in maths and the sciences
Desired outcome Chosen approach Rationale Staff lead Review
PP progress in-subject gap to be narrowed. Additional tailored support at tutor time. Maths and science specialist help for PP on a regular basis to tackle any blocks to their classroom progress. CMB First review:November 2018


Budget Allocated:  £68,000

Area Amount
1 Teacher training £2,000
2 Attendance support £8,000
3 The Hub £33,000
4 Developing external services £5,000
5 Progress support £8,000
6 Other – e.g. revision school, revision guides, uniform, laptops, discounts on trips etc. £12,000