Applications for admission to Wolgarston High School can be made online through Staffordshire County Council’s website using the following link:

http://staffordshire.gov.uk/education/schoolsandcolleges/admissions/admissions.aspx - The County Council will help you with enrolling Year 9 students at Wolgarston for September 2018.

Applications for mid-term transfers should be made through the school. Please contact us and we can organise a tour around school for you. An application form will need to be completed. Click here for the form.

Referrals to the School Choice Advice Service 

Should families require additional support with the process of transferring to secondary or high school, please contact the School Choice Advice Service.
Families requiring additional support may include the following groups:

01785 278992

Free School Meals
An instant decision can now be made with regards to entitlement for Free School Meals, by using the on-line application process at www.staffordshire.gov.uk/freeschoolmeals

Parents can complete this application and print a confirmation of entitlement and the start date. Students are then able to claim their lunch. This is a quick method of making a claim for Free School Meals, as decisions are given immediately.

Information for students joining Wolgarston in September 2018:

Meet the Tutor

Transition Letter