Faculty: Miss Edwards

DanceThis is the first year GCSE Dance is running at Wolgarston High School and it is one of the only schools in Staffordshire that provides it. Dance allows students to express themselves in a practical environment without the stress of lots of exams. To help encourage performances at maximum levels, all GCSE Dance students will have the opportunity to become largely involved in not only the performances but also the choreography of school shows. It’s a really exciting way to allow young people of today to develop.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Currently we have a dance club that takes place twice a week. We are heavily involved in school shows, often working alongside the music department for full stage effect. We also do an annual trip to the West End to see a stage production and experience the London culture.

For further information contact Miss Edwards c-edwards@wolgarston.staffs.sch.uk or call direct to 01785 788419.