Geography - Key Stage 4

OCR Specification B exam board
Key Geographical Themes: 1 hour 45 Minutes examination (50% of final mark)

Exam questions based on the following 4 GCSE topics:

Sustainable Decision Making Exercise: 1 hour 30 minutes examination – 25% of final mark(Worth 25% of GCSE)

The examination requires students to investigate the issue of sustainable development in one of the four GCSE topics. For current Year 11 this will be based on the key themes unit “natural hazards” and for current Year 10 this will be based on the “economic development” unit. Students will consider alternative ways of resolving issues related to the theme, the values and attitudes of key stakeholders and ways of managing sustainable environments. Such examples examined in the past include ‘Why are some strategies for flood management more sustainable than others?’ and ‘Why is there a need to protect some of our coastline?’

GSCE Geography Controlled Conditions: Internally assessed (coursework worth 25% of final mark)

This unit consists of a Fieldwork Focus task on a key question. For current Year 11 this will be “How well do changes in Stafford affect its sustainability?” Students will collect primary data from the CBD and the out of town retail park to help them in their investigation. A key theme explored will include how the development of out of town shopping may lead to a decline in the Town Centre. Students will analyse their data and produce a 2000 word enquiry based on their findings.