Mathematics Key Stage 3

Students in Year 9 are taught in sets and follow the Key Stage 3 National Strategy framework for teaching mathematics. This course is supported by selected textbooks, practical work, ICT, investigative work, thinking skills and the numeracy framework. Students are tested at the end of each unit of work and have a more formal assessment at the end of each year.


Homework is recognised as an essential part of the Mathematics curriculum and homework is set every week. In Year 9, students should expect around 30 minutes of homework per week. Homework should give students the opportunity to practice recently acquired skills, prepare for more advanced work or revise skills which have become unfamiliar.

What does learning look like?
They experience a wide range of activities; group work, ICT, investigations, Maths Challenges, Financial Literacy, Functional and Historical Maths.

Year 9 students are completing the final year of Key Stage 3. During Key Stage 3 students are taught at the appropriate level a balanced variety of topics from areas of

They will be given an end of Key Stage level based on teacher assessment and the results of their formal assessments.

Useful Links
www.mymaths.co.uk Please see your teacher for the school’s username and password.

For further information contact Mr Nix.