Mathematics Key Stage 4

Students follow a two year AQA linear GCSE course, leading to entry at either Foundation or Higher tier. Students will sit two exams at the end of Year 11. Students are actively encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.  Homework continues to be set once a week and is longer in length than in Year 9.  Homework should take a minimum of 40 minutes.


Homework is recognised as an essential part of the Mathematics curriculum and homework is set every week. In Years 10 and 11, students should expect to be given at least 40 minutes of homework per week.   Homework should give students the opportunity to practice recently acquired skills, prepare for more advanced work or revise skills which have become unfamiliar.  Immediately before tests and examinations revision and practice past papers may be set as homework.

What does learning look like?
At Key Stage 4, all students take the AQA GCSE Mathematics (Linear) course at the end of Year 11. A handful of students who are confidently on track for A* grades also take the Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics.  Through an intensive programme of classwork and homework, we build on the problem-solving skills already developed in Years 7-9 to prepare students for the demands of examination and further study in the subject.
Students are working towards GCSE Maths at either Higher or Foundation level. At Higher level they can achieve grades A* to D, and at Foundation they can achieve grades C to G.  Students will be entered for the level that provides them with the greatest opportunity of maximising their grade.
The school currently follows the AQA course for examination by either 2 exams or 3 exams. Again students will be entered for the examination schedule that affords them the best opportunity of maximising their grade.
As the government and exam boards are currently in discussion about the future of GCSE’s so we will make decisions on future entries that we think give students the best chance of success.
There is no coursework or controlled assessment in Mathematics.  Grades are 100% exam based.

Useful Links
• www.mymaths.co.uk  Please see your teacher for the school’s username and password.
• http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/mathematics

For further information contact Mr  Liddle.