The English Department

The English Department at Wolgarston believes in the potential of every child to succeed and develop in the study of English Language and Literature. We have a rigorous and highly academic programme of study that fully prepares students for communicating fluently and confidently in a variety of settings. We also believe that the study of English should be enjoyable as well as challenging and we aspire to develop a real love of reading and critical thinking that should help all our learners to succeed in further education and beyond. All members of staff are enthusiastic and passionate about English and literature and we hope our students will similarly become motivated to appreciate the power of language and value the creative opportunities that reading and writing can develop.

We expect every student to work to the best of their ability in English, following the school’s commitment to a 100% effort in all endeavours. We support our students through regular high quality formative feedback, both written and through individual learning conversations. Students will know the next steps in how to improve their work. We expect exemplary standards of behaviour at all times so the correct environment for learning is established and maintained. Written work should be completed with pride and follow the guidelines for correct presentation of work. The English Department is committed to help students to become more effective learners as directed by John Hattie’s principles of ‘Visible Learning’ where students actively seek to improve their work through responding to high quality feedback and talking about their learning and progress with others.

Parents and carers are encouraged to support their child in progressing in English through supporting them with reading independently at home. We would encourage all parents to ensure their child reads a variety of fiction and non-fiction weekly and to talk to them about what they are enjoying with their reading. We work closely with our well resourced school library and staff are more than happy to recommend books or articles that could supplement your child’s specific area of study or are simply a good read!