General Information
The mathematics department have a suite of 6 classrooms complete with interactive whiteboards and internet connection.
There is a dedicated 6th Form room which students are able to use for private study during breaks, lunchtimes, after school and during lessons when it is not is use.
The lower school area upstairs can also be used during breaktimes, lunchtimes and after school by students wishing to do private study or homework.

Students will take a series of assessments (SWANS) and formal exams. These will be marked by staff and a feedback sheet will be provided for students. It will highlight their strengths and weaknesses, a level/grade will be assigned and then students will be given advice on how to improve.
Students will outline actions they will take to make the improvements. One of these should be linked to “mymaths” and the staff will check that students have completed it.
Any student who fails to achieve their target will be expected to attend at least one extra support session before retaking the assessment.

If students want extra support from staff with homework or classwork, then they should organise with their teacher to attend at either lunchtime or after school. If their class teacher is not available then one of the other members of the department will be willing to help.

The department uses a variety of resources to allow students to access the curriculum. This includes texts, worksheets, practical resources and videos. The department also subscribes to “mymaths” which students are able to access from home. The general school log in and password is advertised around school and each student has an individual log in that is available from their class teacher.
For A-Level students the MEI resources are also available online and students will be given their log on details by their class teacher.

Extra-Curricular Activities - Events 2012-2013

Year 9/10/12/13 UK Mathematics Challenge
Students across four year groups participated in an annual national competition for gifted and talented mathematicians.
Year 10 Team Challenge at Keele University
Two teams took part in a series of challenges against teams from across the West Midlands.
Cypher Club
Members took part in a national cypher challenge run by the University of Southampton.
Further Maths Club
Fifteen gifted and talented Year 11 students attended a weekly club to gain an extra GCSE and help prepare them for challenges of maths and further maths at A level.
Year 12 Maths Enrichment Afternoon
Fifteen Year 12 students spent an afternoon at Keele University and attended three lectures.
Maths Camp
The Maths department this year decided to try a different, radical approach to Sixth Form revision. We decided to arrange two residential weekends to undertake a variety of activities aimed at preparing pupils for their summer examinations.
During two separate weekends in May, we set up camp at Beaudesert Campsite in Cannock Wood for 48 hours of uninterrupted Maths revision on each weekend. Over the weekends, 20 Year 12 students and 10 Year 13 students completed a variety of activities ranging from floor jigsaws to treasure hunts and mathematical orienteering challenges. Aside from the benefits the students found from the revision time, the informal setting afforded us the opportunity to get to know the students on a more personal level. We have fostered relationships with the Sixth Form students who, through the revision retreat, have got to know all of the Sixth Form teachers and now seek help from teachers other than their own more often.
Responses from feedback forms have been extremely positive, with 100% of the Year 12 students saying that they would come again next year. This year’s revision sessions have been so successful that we are already planning to repeat the event for next year’s Sixth Form Maths students. April 2014 should see the next of what we hope to become an annual revision retreat which will hopefully be every bit as successful as this year!

Key Assessments:

Please click this link to have a look at the key assessments that happen during the year for Mathematics.