PE Key Stage 4

A healthy mind needs a healthy body, so every student will continue with core PE throughout Key Stage 4.
In Year 10 students will build on the knowledge and skills they developed in Year 9 within a range of activities. In Year 11 Core PE will see more of a personalised provision offered which will include students making decisions on the types of activities they wish to participate in. Students will also be offered the chance to have a focus on leadership within their PE lessons.

Key Stage 4 Examination PE:
BTEC Sport Level 2:
BTECs differ from GCSEs in that the emphasis is on assignment work rather than coursework and exams. These assignments assess a student’s knowledge, understanding and skills within the chosen sport.
Year 11- following the old specification covering, Fitness for Sport, Practical Sport, Leading an Activity and Leading an Event. All internally assessed.
Year 10- following the new specification will cover the following units, Fitness, Practical, Training for Fitness and Leading an Activity. Fitness unit will be an external assessment, a 50 mark test that is carried out on line. All other units are internally assessed.

GCSE PE- (Edexcel)
60% Practical (4 sports that are graded out of 10. You can be assessed as a performer, official and/ or coach) *Please note, you could be a Hockey performer, coach and official- this would then count as 3 activity areas!
40% Theory (80 mark exam that will be sat at the end of the two year course that will test all of the theory knowledge)

GCSE theory content covers: