Physical Education


All members of the PE department are committed to the delivery of high quality PE, both in lessons and through extra-curricular activities.  Within the department there is a vast array of sporting backgrounds with expertise in a variety of different sporting activities.
We aim to ensure students enjoy their physical education by providing exciting and challenging lessons that enable them to progress as performers and learners, students will be expected to achieve to the best of their sporting potential. We as staff will endeavour to inspire students to try a variety of different sports with the hope that it will lead to lifelong participation and all the benefits that come with it!

Exam Results:

BTEC National Data 2011=2013

BTEC National Sport (3 A-level equivalent)
16 in the group = 48 Alevels   100% Pass Rate

GRADE No of grades % of grades
PASS 2 4%
MERIT 9 19%

Overall 77% of grades were Distinction / Distinction*
85% of the group gained either 1 Distinction or Distinction*

  National Average School Grades
D*D*D* 17.8% 50%
D*D*D 5.8% 13%
D*DD 6.2% 6%
DDD 8.1% 0%
DDM 9.1% 6%
DMM 10.2% 13%
MMM 10.5% 6%
MMP 8.3% 0%
MPP 10.1% 6%

BTEC National Sport (1 A-Level Equivalent)
5 in the group, 100% Pass Rate

GRADE No of grades % of grades National Averages
PASS 0 0%  
MERIT 0 0%  
DISTINCTION* 5 100% 23.9%

Overall 100% of grades were Distinction / Distinction*

BTEC Extended Certificate in Sport (2 GCSE Equivalent)
51 in group   100% Pass Rate

GRADE No of grades % of grades National Statistics
PASS 7 14% 48.8% Below
MERIT 17 33% 24.3% Above
DISTINCTION 6 12% 7.1% Above
DISTINCTION* 21 41% 19.7% Above

Overall 53% of grades were Distinction / Distinction*.
53% of the group either gained 1 Distinction or Distinction*.

BTEC Certificate in Sport (1 GCSE Equivalent)
3 in group   100% Pass Rate

GRADE No of grades % of grades National statistics
PASS 1 33% 48.8% Below
MERIT 2 66% 24.3% Above

GCSE PE Results 2013 & 2012

GCSE PE 2013 Results
33 Students
GCSE PE 2012 REsults
30 Students
A* - C100%A* - C97%



The PE department has a vast array of extra-curricular activities going on throughout the year; these include recreational lunchtime/ after school clubs and competitive sports teams with fixtures in both regional and national cups and leagues. Students will also be offered the chance to gain a Football Referee qualification.

Please see ‘The SNU’ to see the PE timetable for this half term.

In addition to extra-curricular clubs the PE department also runs a number of trips each year. These range from ski trips, visits to Derby County FC to complete work for the 6th Form BTEC and opportunities for GCSE PE students to undertake an intensive 6 week block of Rock Climbing at Wolf Mountain.

Key Assessments:

Please click this link to have a look at the key assessments that happen during the year for PE.