Pyrenees House

PyreneesWelcome to Pyrenees House!

You are warmly welcomed to the Pyrenees House! We are a successful house with many of our students enjoying their time at school by taking part in activities throughout the year.

So who are we and what do we do? Well you will soon be introduced to your house tutor who will be your first port of call at Wolgarston. Our tutors will do their best to make you feel part of Pyrenees family! We love people who participate – sporty or not-so-sporty – there are plenty of opportunities for you to succeed in our House with regular inter-house competitions ranging from designing a logo for the new ‘veg’ patch for the student council to rounder’s with the PE department. So I am sure you will find something you can participate in.

Throughout the year there will be a number of topics the House will focus on such as Water Aid, learn to sign, Chinese New Year to name but a few. You will be expected to take part in an activity relating to this during your tutor time as it is developed to enrich your curriculum and broaden your horizons.

We are extremely proud of the House Council members who are profoundly professional in dealing with the issues raised by the students on a termly basis. They have already done so much for the school this year, assisting to set up the school veg patch, raising money for charity and a refurbishment project. In fact, we are about to lose our year 11 contingent, so who knows – maybe you could be a representative and end up becoming the gateway to student voice.

So whatever your strengths, whatever your weakness, with Pyrenees as your home for the next three years, you will have the chance to succeed and enjoy life at Wolgarston.

See you soon

Mrs J A Kirk
Pyrenees House Leader