Statutory Information

Statutory Information to be Published on School Website

A summary of information which schools now have to supply on their website is listed (with links) below. If you cannot find what you are looking for in this or other sections of our website, or if you would like a printed copy,  please contact school on office@wolgarston.staffs.sch.uk

  1. Contact details
  2. Admission arrangements – our current PAN number is 220
  3. Link to Ofsted Report
  4. Most recent Key Stage 4 results
  5. Link to our school’s information on the DFE performance tables website
  6. Our prospectus, the school’s curriculum and pastoral structure for each year group and house, details of Key Stage 3 subjects, Key Stage 4 courses/qualifications, and Sixth Form Options booklet
  7. Behaviour policy and school complaints
  8. Pupil Premium allocation, use and impact on attainment
  9. SEN Policy and SEN information 
  10. Charging and remissions policy and equality and accessibility policy
  11. School’s ethos and values
  12. Information about the Governance of Penk Valley Academy Trust.