Student Information

Below is information on a normal school day for a pupil at Wolgarston.

The School Day

Lunchtime Arrangements

Students in Years 9-11 are required to remain on premises during the lunch break, unless they are going to their own homes for lunch. This must be with written permission from parents / carers. Permission request letters can be obtained from Student Reception in the School Office. Students are then issued with a pass to enable them to sign out and leave school premises at lunchtime.

Eating and Drinking

We are a Specialist Technology College and many of our learning facilities have benefited from a high level of investment. All classrooms are learning areas where no eating or drinking is allowed. Food may only be consumed in the designated eating areas at break and lunch times.

Mobile ‘Phones, iPods/MP3 Players

Not to be seen – not to be heard! Students may only bring ‘phones etc onto school premises if parents have completed the appropriate form. At all times, they must be turned off and put away in bags (this includes earphones). A refusal to comply counts as defiance towards a member of staff and will be dealt with according to the Behaviour for Learning guidelines.

No Smoking

This is a no smoking school and any breaking of this regulation will be reported immediately to the Family and Student Services Centre, where it will be dealt with appropriately. Smoking damages health and lives.