Dear Parent/Student,

Welcome to our new service which we intend will help all students to make informed decisions about their next steps in education, training, work placement with training and apprenticeship. You will find access to useful websites which will provide information and contacts with relevant providers on the pages ahead.

During the course of the year we will be aiming to expand the site to ensure that all relevant information is included and available for you.

Future information will be added regularly and will include:

In the meantime please feel free to request that specific information be made available on this site and we will endeavor to make it possible. In the first instance please contact us at careers@wolgarston.staffs.sch.uk

Fast Tomato Log-On

Fast Tomato is one of the most popular online careers guidance services for teenagers and has helped millions of students explore the many different career opportunities open to them. It’s used by hundreds of schools nationwide and is accurate, relevant and easy to use helping students get the most from their career guidance.

All of our Year 11 students should log onto this website at home or at school – it’s a very useful tool when making important career choices.

Students should log on to Fast Tomato using their first name, last name and date of birth, after searching for Wolgarston High School. They will then need to complete a questionnaire, taking about 10 minutes and then will be able to access masses of useful information.