House System


100_attendance_webWelcome to Wolgarston High School’s House System. On entry to Wolgarston each student becomes a member of one of our four Houses (Alps, Himalayas, Rockies or Pyrenees), which have been created to offer a sense of family and a community atmosphere within the School. Tutor groups for each House include students from Year 9 to Year 11 allowing students of different ages to get to know and support each other. It also provides opportunities for pupils to take on leadership roles acting as Student Council Reps, Tutor Reps and Sports and House Captains. Furthermore, the House system is used in school to promote achievement of the students in academic, non-academic and sporting competitions providing enjoyment and skills from a variety of activities.

Each House has its own weekly Assembly where students are kept up to date with the progress of their House, promoting a positive competitive ethos. These assemblies provide engagement with life-skills, social, spiritual, culture and moral guidance which inspire students to aim high in every aspects of school including: participation, help in the community and their attendance.

The Houses (and their House Leaders) at Wolgarston are very competitive; they all strive to win the Attendance Trophy, Highest Achievement Award, Participation Cup and Sports Day Trophy…not to mention the Overall House Shield for the House who wins the most trophies.

Mr Paulauskas (Alps), Mrs Dodd (Himalayas), Mrs Jones (Rockies) and Mr Skinner (Pyrenees) welcome you to a House system where Every Child Matters. Click on the house names for more information.