House ShieldAlpsWelcome to Alps House!

Our house motto is: ‘Achieve, Learn, Progress, Success’ and together we will fight our way to being the best house in school! Our key are of strength is our attendance and last year we were the reigning champion for the second year.

This year Alps have transformed because of their continued efforts and enthusiasm to succeed and you will play a vital role in helping them continue our achievements this year.

Alps House prides itself on being a supportive community and, as such, we will do everything we can to help you to settle in to life at Wolgarston High School.  Your House Tutor and fellow tutor group members will do their best to make you feel at home and part of our happy family. We have some of the best tutors in school who will guide you to discover new things about our society and life after your G.C.S.E’s.

As a new member you will be encouraged to participate in a range of House activities and enjoy a taste of success in doing so.  Wolgarston’s PE department organises lots of inter-House sports competitions for us and I sincerely hope that you do your best to support Alps by becoming part of our team.  We want to see you take part and have fun in the process!  Don’t worry if you are not the sporty type, there are lots of other ways you can contribute to House life and success: lunch clubs, gaining achievement points for progress in your lessons and high attendance.

Being part of Alps House means that you will be offered plenty of opportunities to show leadership qualities. For example, you could choose to be part of the “Wolgarston Student Council” or become a tutor group rep to help fellow Alps members contribute to the development of the school. Also, you may decide to organise sports teams to ensure we are represented in Inter-House activities.

In short, we cannot wait for you to join us and enjoy being an active Alps House member in the best house in school! I look forward to seeing you in September!

Miss Walker
Alps House Leader

Kim Walker