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Student Council

Phoenix Everill – Chairman
We chose Phoenix to be our chairman because of his leadership skills and capability to control a group of people.

Dominic Arnold – Vice Chairman
As a group, we thought Dom would make a good vice chairman because of his array of ideas and ability to speak up.

Jade Davis – Secretary
As well as being determined, we believed Jade would be good at keeping track of our progress, what we had done and where we wanted to be.

Tom Morgan – Marketing
Alongside his convincing campaign to become student council, Tom brought imaginative, creative and new ideas to the student council.

Jake Smith – Marketing
Working with Tom, Jake manages how we produce our ideas to our fellow pupils. Jake and Tom were the brains behind our brand new badge.

Grace Jenkins – Charity
After a lot of determination, Grace was a strong candidate for student council. She works on event and charity promotions.

Garren Wright – Charity
With Grace, Garren works as a member of the charity committee to involve the school in charitable events.

Mohamed Darwish – Finance
When given money we need someone to maintain and keep track of it. We need to be able to fund for the student council.

So far, student council have been working on updating the school. We’ve re-styled the score, provided the girls changing rooms with mirrors and are hoping to bring much more in the remaining months we have left as student council. If you have any ideas, suggestions or views please bring them forward to your representatives.

Alps- Mohamed Darwish and Grace Jenkins
Himalayas- Jade Davis and Tom Morgan
Rockies- Dominic Arnold and Garren Wright
Pyrenees- Phoenix Everill and Jake Smith

Wolgarston High School takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and this year has established an  Eco-Committee to help improve the school’s environmental impact.

eco-schoolsThe Wolgarston High School Eco-Committee is:

Email address studentvoice@wolgarston.staffs.sch.uk