Work Experience

UPDATE: Due to technical issues the Work Experience Space website is not available. As such, we have been provided with the full list of employers offering placements which you can download as a PDF below.

WorkExperienceSpace Approved Employer List

As a result of the delays this has caused we have extended the deadline for forms to be handed in until Friday 8 March.


In Year 10  and 12 all students take up a Work Experience placement for a week in July. This year the week will be 8-12 July 2019 for Year 10 and 1-5 July 2019 for Year 12.

All students in Years 10 and 12 have been given login details for a website called Work Experience Space (link below). Please use this website to browse for suitable placements. Once you have browsed and found a placement that suits your skills and interests, please return the preference slip to Student Reception by February half term.


Please spend some time discussing the different workplace opportunities.

It may be that you have a link with a business that could offer a placement directly. This is great, but please still fill in the preference slip overleaf and return it. We need to ensure that all placements offer a safe and appropriate work environment for young people.

One thing to note: each year, work experience placements at local primary and first schools are incredibly popular, but they struggle to offer more than a couple of placements each. So that they don’t get bombarded with requests, please don’t contact them directly. Fill in the slip and we’ll do the rest, making sure that a fair allocation of available spaces takes place. We won’t sift based on first-come first-served; all slips returned will be processed after February half term. If we have more applications than places available, we’ll draw lots.

In summary, the structure of the next two terms looks like this in terms of work experience:

Half term What happens
Spring half term one
(Jan to Feb)
Browsing possible placements and handing in preference slips to student reception.
Spring half term two
(March to Easter)
We’ll make the arrangements for placements and let students know the details.
Summer half term one
(Easter to May)
Students will prepare for their placement, arranging travel and ensuring they have the fine details sorted.
Summer half term two
(May to Summer)
Students will take up their placement. They will have an online diary on Work Experience Space to record their experiences.