Work Experience

We are introducing Work Experience opportunities for our students in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13. Our new model is explained below in more detail.

Please note, that any student who enrols on a Level 3 BTEC course in our Sixth Form will automatically receive a work placement as part of that course. Details will be provided by teaching staff responsible for leading each BTEC qualification.

In the past, schools have traditionally allowed students in Years 10 or 11 to take part in one week works experience as an opportunity to experience the working world, but these placements have occurred at the same time as other students, which has led to a lack of available placements and to students gaining experience which has sometimes had little or no relevance to potential future employment.

We believe that students should be better equipped to make the right decisions about future education, training and vocations. The Government has now ‘raised the participation age’ meaning  students  should  remain in education, employment or training until the end of the academic year in which they have their eighteenth birthday. We believe our new model for work experience placements will help our students to make the right choices for their futures.

To provide students with the very best opportunity to experience meaningful placements, we will provide two windows of opportunity each year for students to make their own relevant placements as follows:

Students are able to collect a Work Experience Pack from Student Reception. This pack provides instructions for students and families about how to arrange work placements and also includes the necessary forms which would need to be completed by employers to ensure that insurance and health and safety checks are in place.

For a student to participate in a work placement, forms need to be returned to school six weeks in advance of any placement, so that all administration work and checks can be carried out by Entrust. In some cases, it will be necessary for the placement to be visited as part of the statutory checks which need to be made.

To assist students in finding their placements we have now secured access to the Entrust work placement database. This database can be accessed on line and can be used to look for suitable and relevant work placements.

We would recommend that students undertake at least one work placement during their education at Wolgarston.  However, it is possible for students to have several placements should this be desirable and helpful. Given that there is more flexibility in this new system, it will be possible for some students to take placements early in Year 10 and others who are committed to attending University, may wait until Sixth Form before seeking a placement.

Finally, please find below log on details to be able to search the Entrust Database for work placements which have been used or are currently being used. Parents, carers and students are also free to make contact with employers who are not on this list however, for all School and Health Service placements, Wolgarston should make the contact on your behalf.

How to access the Entrust Database

Google search: Entrust or type in http://www.staffpart.org.uk/

The log-in details are available with your Work Experience packs.