Careers Provision

Wolgarston High School Careers Provision

Careers Leadership

Mr S McCosh (Deputy Head)

Mr McCosh comes from an Engineering background working for British Coal in the Welsh Valleys as an engineer before moving as a Quality Assurance Manager at National Headquarters. This was followed by a period working on the Privatisation Team with the Department for Energy, Merchant Bankers and Solicitors, preparing the sale documents for the corporation. He has been teaching since 1995. He has responsibility in the Senior Leadership Team for the delivery of careers education.

Mr H Phillips (Careers Lead)

Mr Phillips is the school’s careers lead and teaches 6th Form Business studies.

Mr Phillips graduated in Sports Business from Liverpool John Moores University and has been a Business Teacher here at Wolgarston High since 2016. His career role within the school is to build links with local employers who deliver career encounters for our students and enhance the profile of careers within the school. I have previous careers experience in retail, marketing and events. Note If you are able to offer the school an employer encounter please contact Mr Phillips on the email above.

Mrs D Tuck (Trustee)

Careers Partners

We are delighted to work with Stoke and Staffordshire Careers Hub

Mr Steve Rogers  – Enterprise Coordinator for the Stoke and Staffordshire Careers Hub (funded by the Careers and Enterprise Company).  The purpose of the Careers Hub and the Careers and Enterprise Company is to reform careers education across England. The coordinators aim is to ensure the children at Wolgarston are prepared for the next stage of their life whether that is apprenticeship, workplace or further study.  Steve’s role is to support Careers Leaders with the planning, delivery and evaluation of the school’s Careers Education Programme and offer information, advice & guidance on how to best meet the Government’s Framework for the Gatsby Benchmarks.

We receive great local support from PSR Solutions!





Mr Abdul Mozzamdar – Enterprise Advisor to Wolgarston and Group Development Manager for PSR Solutions.

Abdul plays a key role in the development of Careers in Wolgarston using his extensive knowledge of local business and contacts to advise the school team. His expertise in both the construction industry and apprenticeships has benefited Wolgarston students. Abdul has worked in the apprenticeships and training arena for over 18 years in varying industry sectors. Prior to joining PSR Solutions, Abdul spent two years advising clients on how best to utilise the apprenticeship levy, design and implement an effective bespoke apprenticeship programme, Executive Coaching service and CSR. Abdul became the youngest and most successful account manager at Key Training. He won Account Manager of the year 3 years running. Apprenticeships starts increased by 48% in his first year at the firm. Retention of candidates and successful apprenticeship completions also increased year on year. Abdul dealt with a variety of clients from different sectors such as Automotive, Accounting, Banking, Logistics, Manufacturing, Law, Public Services, Local Authorities.


PSR Solutions is a leading provider of permanent and freelance personnel in the construction industry and built environment, with strong relationships with market-leading contractors as well as regional, national, and multinational blue-chip clients. They are based just outside Penkridge. They have supported events in school through their Training Manager, Tracey Androlia and their Marketing Manager, Luke Hough. Shown right presenting to Year 10 in Summer 2021

Mrs Jackie Flint – Independent Careers Advisor Wolgarston (JF Career Services). Qualified to Level 6 in Careers Guidance, Jackie has been our independent careers advisor for many years and has a wealth of experience in the local labour market. Jackie also has great experience of the local education providers and can give our students clear guidance on College places and apprenticeships. Jackie will see mainly Year 11 students, starting with those we identify as needing more guidance, but then any student that seeks her support. She conducts one to one interviews and some group sessions as appropriate. In addition, small targeted groups of Year 10 will be given earlier interviews. Jackie will support GCSE and A Level results days along with Options Evenings.

Any employer who can offer a careers encounter through workshops, presentations or arranged
visits please contact the school at with Careers in the subject line.

Information For Parents

Wolgarston Careers Programme:


Careers education is a key preparation for students moving on from Wolgarston. We want to create a culture of high aspiration, self-belief and ambition free of stereotypes or limitations based on expectations. We look to develop learners view of themselves and how they might fit into the world of work or the next level of education removing barriers to achieving their goals. We want to provide opportunities to explore ideas and in some cases eliminate them from their thinking through experience or reflection.

To bring this about we aim to provide:

  • direct experience of the workplace,
  • exposure to a variety of employers,
  • information about the labour market,
  • timely information at key points in the decision making process in Year 9, Year 11 and in 6thForm as students prepare for key transitions.

We look to prepare students for the following transition stages

In Year 8

  • Transition to High School

In Year 9

  • Choosing Options for GCSE Study

In Year 11

  • Wolgarston 6th Form,
  • Post 16 Apprenticeship
  • College
  • Other Post 16 Providers
  • Other local 6th Forms

In Year 13

  • University Application through UCAS
  • Post 18 Apprenticeship Application
  • The Workplace – Seeking Employment


Normally at the end of Year 11 the majority of our student community, choose to stay on to our 6th Form with about half the remainder going to college and half to post 16 apprenticeships. It is important that we cater for all of these choices in the information we provide and open these opportunities to as many students as possible through academic success.

Following 6th Form the majority of students choose to attend University but again this is an area of change with more Post 18 Apprenticeship opportunities becoming available and the cost of attending University increasing.

All of these transitions where students leave the school result ultimately in a career and therefore we aim to support students in making the correct choices for their future in the workplace.

An ex-student Georgina Felton working in Law presents to students across year groups who have an interest in this as a career (November 2021). Her company DAC Beachcroft are so impressed with her skills as an apprentice solicitor that they released her to come to Wolgarston with a view to future recruitment from the school.

Careers Benchmarks

As a school, Wolgarston measures itself against the Gatsby Benchmarks using the “Compass Plus” benchmark tool from the Careers Enterprise Company. The Benchmarks are below.



1. A stable careers programme

Every school and college should have an embedded programme of career education and guidance that is known and understood by pupils, parents, teachers and employers.

2. Learning from career and labour market information

Every pupil, and their parents, should have access to good-quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities. They will need the support of an informed adviser to make best use of available information.

3. Addressing the needs of each pupil

Pupils have different career guidance needs at different stages. Opportunities for advice and support need to be tailored to the needs of each pupil. A school’s careers programme should embed equality and diversity considerations throughout.

4. Linking curriculum learning to careers

All teachers should link curriculum learning with careers. For example, STEM subject teachers should highlight the relevance of STEM subjects for a wide range of future career paths.

5. Encounters with employers and employees

Every pupil should have multiple opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills that are valued in the workplace. This can be through a range of enrichment activities including visiting speakers, mentoring and enterprise schemes.

6. Experiences of workplaces

Every pupil should have first-hand experiences* of the workplace through work visits, work shadowing and/or work experience to help their exploration of career opportunities, and expand their networks.

7. Encounters with further and higher education

All pupils should understand the full range of learning opportunities that are available to them. This includes both academic and vocational routes and learning in schools, colleges, universities and in the workplace.

8. Personal guidance

We will provide opportunities for guidance interviews with our careers adviser, who is fully trained at an appropriate level. These are made available whenever significant study or career choices are being made and targeted toward those most vulnerable to struggling with the next transition from the school. In addition, there is mentoring support from staff. Surveys of students plans will be used to personalize access to encounters with employers and providers.

Curriculum Impliementation

The implementation of a stable Careers Programme is evolving all the time. The outline of delivery is below: –

Year Group

Planned Provision



Year 8

Open Evening for Prospective Parents

Transition – Staff visits to Feeder Schools. Transition Day for students.








Year 9

Parents information Evening

Introduction to U-Explore Start

Options Evening

Careers Lessons including using Start.

Employer Encounters




April to July







Year 10

Work Experience Evening

Work Experience Week

Careers Survey

Employer/Provider Encounters

Curriculum Links





Focus Week in Faculties






Year 11

Parents information evening

Identification of Target Pupils for Independent Careers Advice

Careers Survey

6th Form Open Evening

Independent Careers Advisor Assembly

1 Million Mentors Program

Employer/Provider Encounters

Curriculum Links








Focus Week in Faculties









Year 12

Work Experience Assembly

Work Experience

UCAS Guidance Assemblies

Employer/Provider Encounters

Curriculum Links



June to July


Focus Week in Faculties






Year 13

UCAS Application Support

Mock Interview Practice

Employer/Provider Encounters







In 2021 the school piloted an enterprise day with a large Midlands based building company G F Tomlinson Building Ltd. Following a virtual tour of a building site with a young apprentice explaining his job and his career path into the building industry. Students then spent a day designing a dining area for a large Catholic School in 2D. They then budgeted materials and built their designs as 3D models for presentation. There were some interactive online meetings between students and managers of G F Tomlinson. The day concluded with presentations of the best designs to a board of senior designers, engineers, and managers.

Feedback to our students from Tomlinson was

  1. All models showed fantastic innovation and design flair
  2. Great consideration of how to make the buildings more sustainable and carbon neutral in response to the climate emergency – green roofs, solar panels and wind turbines were fantastic additions to see
  3. Each of the models met the brief and had a unique design, whilst providing added value.
  4. Many of the models had factored in elements over and above the brief – things like how the external areas can supplement the building, the internal layouts of the building etc.
  5. DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliance was factored into the models to ensure accessibility and inclusivity
  6. All teams delivered within budget
  7. A number of presentations included reference to project delivery showing thought had been given to the logistics and stakeholder engagement, a crucial part of construction
  8. All the teams gave excellent presentations and gave considered responses to the panel’s questions, demonstrating great professionalism and interpersonal skills.

The winning group and their design with solar panels, a mezzanine area, covered outside seating, and furniture.  June 2021

The winning group of 2022 with G F Tomlinson Staff

Students from Computer Science and others interested in a career related to technology, computing and media listen to a virtual presentation by Mark Flanagan from EPIC Games. EPIC are makers of games including Fortnite, and Mark was online to talk about his journey and careers in animation and gaming. Students were shown the very cutting edge of computing. October 2021. This is an example of our targeted careers support.

Work Experience

Once Covid-19 Restrictions had been lifted the decision was made to go ahead with work experience despite the shorter timeframe for doing so. During the Summer of 2022 about 95% of students in Year 12 and Year 10 went on Work Experience placements. It is intended that this will return to being a normal annual event going forward with Year 12 from 26th to 30th June 2023 and Year 10 from 3rd to 7th July 2023.

We are using the DfE supported Grofar work placement software to administer student’s applications, health and safety, support communication for any business offering a placement and feedback. This is also used with Y12.

Careers Weeks Planning

To meet the requirement for delivery of careers guidance in the curriculum (Gatsby Benchmark 4) each subject is committed to the provision of careers in specific weeks of the year.

Subject Area



 W/B 27th March 2023


 W/B 13th March 2023

Science/ Computer Studies

 W/B 27th February 2023


W/B 5th June 2023


W/B 5th June 2023

Art/Graphic Design

Y13 W/B September 12th 2022

Y9 to Y12 W/B 14th November 2022

Food and Nutrition

W/B 5th June 2023


W/B  31st October 2022


W/B 5th June 2023


 W/B 9th January 2023

Business Studies


With Topic Intro and  W/B 2nd January 2023

Media Studies

W/B 17th April 2023


W/B  5th June 2023

Health and Social Care

Built into lessons in Y10 and Y12


Encounters with Employers and Education Providers

Throughout the year guest speakers are invited in to provide opportunities for encounters with employers (Gatsby Benchmark 5) and Education Providers. These cannot be scheduled because we take opportunities as they come, however, we do actively seek visits in each employment area. For example, we use Speakers For Schools Virtual programme to seek out online careers presentations linked to specific employment, careers or subjects. We use the alumni of the school to seek encounters. We have developed relationships with some local employers and employees to deliver talks targeted at particular areas we know are either growing in terms of labour market information or which careers surveys tell us students are interested in. We give opportunities for presentations for Education Providers.

MP for Blackpool Paul Maynard on a Speakers For Schools Virtual Talk.

Mark Roden Operations Director, Toyota GB talks to students interested in careers in business.

Examples of past presentations delivered (*Virtual)


Subject or career area

MP for Blackpool Paul Maynard*


Mark Roden Operations Director Toyota GB

Manufacturing and Business

G F Tomlinson


G F Tomlinson

Uniformed Services

RAF – Josh Lyons

Uniformed Services

Jess Bird (PA to England Football Teams)

Sports Industry

Alumni – Dyson Danya Walker and Isaac Goodbody


PSR Marketing Manager- Luke Hough



Food Industry

Adam Johnson – FA Football Analyst)

Sport Industry

Alumni – Neve Murray and Alex King

Russel Group Universities

NHS – Rachael Berks Senior Matron


Alumni – Holly Swift Solicitor

Legal Services

Alumni – Matt McCormack – Rolls Royce


Dr. Tim Minshall, Dr John C Taylor Professor of Innovation, University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing*


Severn Trent Water

Construction and Engineering


College Courses

PSR – Abdul Mozzambar


Mark Flanagan Epic Games*

Computing, Animation and Design

Grayson Perry*


Sir Gavin Williamson MP


Georgina Felton of DAC Beachcroft


Jeremy Lefroy Ex-MP Businessman

Politics and Enterprise

Any employer who can offer a careers encounter through workshops, presentations or arranged visits

please contact the school at with Careers in the subject line.


We have good links with Stafford College who have supported us with presentations on apprenticeships, college courses and regular bulletins on apprenticeship opportunities.

Please see our Careers guidance & access education & training providers document below.