Ethos and Values

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Subject Areas



At Wolgarston High School, we use the National Curriculum to form the basis of our curriculum. The curriculum goals are to be broad, ambitious, challenging and enjoyable. Our curriculum is underpinned by the Visible Learning approach following the research of Professor John Hattie.

Our Local Governing Committee (found here) has been delegated responsibility by Penk Valley Academy Trust to approve and monitor our curriculum policies and plans. Local Governors work with us to ensure the curriculum intent and implementation are of a high-standard. The impact of our curriculum is measured through internal and external assessment and is scrutinised by the Standards & Performance Committee of Penk Valley Academy Trust (found here)

As a school in a three-tier system (First, Middle and High Schools) we work closely with our feeder schools and the schools into which we feed, including those not part of Penk Valley Academy Trust to ensure our curriculum is well-sequenced across all National Curriculum Key Stages.

We believe every young person is capable of achieving something amazing.
Our sky-high expectations are reflected in a rigorous academic curriculum and high-quality enrichment opportunities.

We expect our students to be kind and compassionate with impeccable behaviour and to provide 100% effort so that every moment spent learning is maximised – this is often referred to as ‘The Wolgarston Way’.

Our school motto is ‘Scientia Janua Vitae’ which roughly translates as ‘Knowledge is the Door to Life’. Our curriculum provides a solid foundation for academic excellence and equips students with the knowledge and skills to make a positive contribution to the world, be respectful of those around them and resilient enough to tackle challenges life may bring.

Our Key Stage Three Curriculum (Year 9):

Year 9 students follow the KS3 national curriculum before choosing their GCSE options. We provide access to a balanced curriculum, ensuring they are well placed for KS4 success. 

Key Stage 3 subjects

Maths, English Language, English Literature, Science, French, Citizenship, PE, Religious education, History, Geography and Art & Design, Food & Nutrition, Computing and PSHE. From 2020 a creative rota of subjects including Graphic Design and Music will be available. 

Our Key Stage Four Curriculum (Year 10 & 11):  

In addition to their GCSE choices, all students study English Language, English Literature, Maths, Science (Separate/Trilogy), PE and Religious Studies. Through English Literature; all students develop their knowledge of a variety of classic plays, poetry and novels. Wolgarston places a high value on a broadly traditional curriculum and subjects which are considered essential for many of the best universities and careers. It is our ambition that over 70% of students take a language at GCSE. We are proud that a significant majority of our students opt for, and perform very well in EBACC subjects.