Wolgarston High School uses the following exam boards:

AQA: www.aqa.org.uk

EDEXCEL/PEARSON: www.pearson.com

WJEC/EDUQAS: www.wjec.co.uk

OCR: www.ocr.org.uk

Have a look at these websites, they have useful hints and tips to help you through the exam period.

Please click here to see a table of exam boards by subject for this year. There are some changes to some of the components this year due to COVID – this will all be explained to the students.


Student Information

Click on the following links to see information provided by JCQ.

Info for candidates – Coursework 

Info for candidates – Unauthorised Items

Info for candidates – Exam Boards & Subjects

Info for candidates – Social Media

Info for candidates – Non Exam Assessments

Info for candidates – Third Party Collection Exam Certs

Info for candidates – Written Exam

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Info for candidates – Privacy Notice

UNAUTHORISED ITEMS (this poster is displayed outside every exam venue)

WARNING TO CANDIDATES (this poster is displayed outside every exam venue)

CERTIFICATES: When certificates are available for collection, you will receive a letter from us – it’s usually November for the Summer exams. Should you be unable to collect the certificates yourself, you need to complete this form giving permission for someone else to collect on your behalf (remember, they will need to bring ID). Exam Certs – Third Party Collection

KEEP YOUR CERTIFICATES SAFE! We do not have copies – should you lose your certificates or not collect them within the year, you would need to contact the exam boards directly yourself for copies and they will make a charge for this service.

Dates for 2022 – 2023

October 2022:

University exams (BMAT/ TMUA)

November 2022:

Resits of external GCSE exams

6 - 16 December 2022:

Year 11 Mock exams

11 - 17 January 2023:

Year 13 Mock exams

Jan / Feb 2023:

BTEC external assessments

28 Feb - 10 March 2023:

Year 13 Mock exams

6 - 16 March 2023:

Year 11 Mock exams

15 May - 28 June 2023:

External A Levels and GCSEs

13 - 20 June 2023:

Year 12 Mock exams

21 - 30 June 2023:

Year 10 Mock exams

4 - 10 July 2023:

Year 9 GL tests and exams