Inclusion Hub

Wolgarston Inclusion Hub is a welcoming friendly
non-judgemental place to support student learning and pastoral needs


  • Mr S McCosh – Deputy Head (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • Miss C Edwards – Inclusion Manager (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • Miss S Halsted – Pastoral Support Officer
  • Mrs K Weston – SENCO
  • Mrs C Fillingham – Learning Mentor
  • Miss L Allen – Learning Mentor
  • Mrs D Truby – Learning Mentor (Emotional wellbeing support)
  • Miss S Roberts – Learning Resources Centre Administrator
  • Mr A Martin – Learning Mentor

What is the Hub?

The Hub seeks to be at the centre of learning for specific students when they need that extra help beyond the normal classroom.
There are a wide range of services provided, including: –

  • Special Needs Support
  • Emotional Wellbeing support sessions
  • Behaviour Support and Sanctions
  • Pastoral Support
  • Parent Liaison
  • Long Term Health Needs
  • Attendance
  • Disability
  • Mental Health
  • Safeguarding
  • Liaison with agencies such as social services, CAMHS, School Nurse etc.

What is the hub for?

The primary focus is to help pupils not only remain but succeed in their normal lessons. The hub is a “pit stop” offering short stay support
whilst working through and resolving any issues they are facing. In most cases the support will be time limited.
Clearly the support of pupils with an EHCP will follow the requirements of the plan. The hub will respond to requests for appointments but
these will typically fall out of lesson time so as not to disrupt learning.

Who is the hub for?

The hub is a resource for all students. However, to ensure the area runs effectively students will need to make an appointment or be
referred by a member of staff unless a prior arrangement has been made.

What doesn’t the Hub do?

Students cannot self-refer to the Hub but they will be able to go to student reception and request to see a member of the Team.
All day to day pastoral difficulties can be addressed to the Form Tutor supported by the House Leader unless there is a prior
arrangement with the team to alert them. All day to day subject difficulties can be addressed to the Subject Leader.

Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety


Electronic Communication is integral to the lives of our pupils and is a positive force for change in our world that we wish to support
and motivate pupils to be involved. We recognise that no matter how good something is, it has the capacity to be misused.

Students should take care not to disclose personal information and check privacy settings frequently. Only add people you know
to your social media contracts. Never send photographs or say anything you would be embarrassed about in the future.
Do not allow yourself to be pressured into doing anything over webcams or send images to anyone.

Cyber bullying is usually anti-social, disruptive to good order, damages the wellbeing of pupils and has an element of illegality.
It is different from other forms of bullying in that, it can affect a victim 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, and can be done to both students and staff.
The relationship between bully and victim can be different in that the bully may not be known to the victim. The material published on the internet or
mobile phone can quickly spread and control of the material lost.

Dealing with Bullying

We want everyone at Wolgarston High School to feel safe and secure. We believe the no one should be bullied in any way. Verbal abuse of a fellow student is bullying.
Physical attacks on a student are bullying. Bullying is an action that can hurt another person and that puts him or her under stress.
The stress is created not only by what happens but also the emotional fear of what might happen.

If you, or someone you know, is being bullied – TAKE ACTION

Watching and doing nothing supports the bully. It is an act of courage to report bullying.

  • Tell a member of staff immediately.
  • Do not accept bullies as friends.
  • You cannot deal with a bully by yourself:
  • Talk to a teacher, your tutor, your Head of House or your parents.

The school always take reports of bullying seriously and is always prepared to discuss the matter in confidence.
Bullying is NOT a part of the normal growing up experience.


Mr S. McCosh Safeguarding Lead, Miss C. Edwards Deputy Safeguarding Lead and Miss S Halsted Deputy Safeguarding Lead.