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Classcharts is used at Wolgarston to help all member of our community behave in a way that is Ready, Respectful and Safe at all times. Positive learning behaviours are recognised with achievement or 'positive' points. Form tutors will also 'reward' good attendance, uniform and organisation. 'Negative' points and sanctions are recorded and used as a corrective measure if their behaviour falls short of our high standards e.g. breaking school rules. A variety of methods are used to recognise positive behaviours including reward trips, events and assemblies, letters/contact home, postcards and House and school celebrations. You can find a detailed overview of our rewards and sanctions in the Appendix of the Behaviour Policy. 

You can use Classcharts to keep track of your child's behaviour and attendance. This can be accessed through the website, iOS and Android apps. You will need a code from the school to set up your parent account. Once logged in, you can view multiple graphs which represent an overview of your child's achievement. We value your support and appreciate you using this information to facilitate conversations with your child about their achievement. 

You can find out more information from the parent guide below.