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School vision and values


Our vision

Our vision is that all students achieve excellent outcomes and become the best version of themselves through the values of 'The Wolgarston Way'. 

The Wolgarston Way - Our values

When joining Wolgarston you are not only entering a school, you are joining a community. As a school we feel very strongly that we have a responsibility to not only assist your child to achieve the very best exam results but also ensure they leave Wolgarston as the best version of themselves. We expect all our students to contribute to our community values, which we call ‘The Wolgarston Way’.

1. Do the right thing

We encourage all our students to make the right choices both in an academic and social setting. We expect our students to always be honest and respectful, and if a poor decision is ever made, the student works towards correcting it with everyone involved. 

2. Take pride in our community

We want our students to take pride in being at Wolgarston and to care about the community they are part of. Students are expected to be polite to each other and to staff and to keep their environment tidy and clean. This helps makes our community a place where students want to learn, and staff want to work.

3. Leave a positive legacy

From their very first day at Wolgarston, our students are creating a legacy that will last long after they have left the school. By working hard, participating in school life and having positive relationships, our students will leave Wolgarston with fond memories – and the staff with fond memories of them!